ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a modular software system designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business processes into a unified system. An ERP system includes core modules that focus on essential business areas such as Finance and Accounting, HR, Production, Materials management, CRM and (SCM). Businesses typically turn to an ERP system when they outgrow spreadsheets and disparate software systems and need unifying capabilities to enable growth. ERP makes real-time business data available throughout the organization, which enables businesses to adapt quickly and respond to changes thereby helping in informed decision making. Many a times, it forms the base of data for Analytics or Business Intelligence systems.


ERP offers many benefits, arising out of information sharing and standardization. They can also enable better insights from data, with the newer technologies such as Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence,capabilities.

Some of the important business benefits of ERP are

  • IT cost savings in the long run
  • Enhanced Business process efficiency by automating data collection
  • Acts as a platform for process standardization
  • Helps lower risk by enabling better compliance and data security
  • Fosters collaboration using data sharing and integrated information
  • Provides better business intelligence and customer service capabilities
  • Improves supply chain management
  • A catalyst for business innovation
  • Enables greater visibility into different areas of the business
  • Enables better reporting and planning due to better data.
  • Improved Data, Backup, Security and Access controls
  • Enables business growth by managing increasingly complex business processes


NSS-ITC has wide range of service offerings, across a choice of ERP software solutions viz., Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Axapta to name a few. Deeply engaging with customers on understanding their requirements, a consultative approach, a proven methodology backed with best practices and comprehensive domain knowledge are our key differentiators. To be precise, we can serve one-stop shop for all the ERP needs of our customers.

Our ERP Implementation services include

  • Resource augmentation for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and JD Edwards platforms
  • ERP Readiness Assessment
  • ERP Evaluation
  • Process Preparation
  • ERP Implementation
  • Functional / Technical support
  • Data Migration
  • Extensions with third-party software
  • ERP Audits