Hiring external consultants on need basis is a good option for businesses to scale up or down quickly using temporary workers instead of permanent employees.
The main benefit to Resource augmentation is that the contractors can get to work straight away. There is no need to walk them through your process, there are hardly any hiring formalities, so you're not wasting valuable time with recruitment, background checks, endless paperwork and onboarding. Perhaps more significantly, you're not taking on the burden of additional payroll duties. You can simply ramp up and down to meet fluctuating staffing demands without shouldering the cost associated with hiring permanent, full-time employees.
Resource augmentation is frequently used in the IT and software engineering industries, but it can be helpful for any business.
Typical situations could be

  • Suddenly when a new project has landed, and you realize you have no people to handle it immediately
  • An important team member goes on a sabbatical or illness recovery
  • When a new project demands specialized skills not available in your team
  • The company has been unable to recruit the right talent, perhaps hiring some people that did not work out.
  • You got no one ready to travel onsite.
  • To manage a special project or surge in business growth.

What we offer

At NSS-ITC, we regularly maintain a dynamic pool of highly skilled and qualified professionals- Developers, Functional & Technical consultants, IT Architects, DBA’s and several other roles who can be hired on need basis. Since they come with specialist skills, they can get into the project from day one as good as an employee. Our customers have a wide choice of hiring models to choose according to their needs on Monthly/ weekly/ hourly basis.


Hire a Consultant from us anytime for periods as short as 6 months. We have an almost ready stock of consultants in the following skillsets across geographies:

  • Banking solutions- Temenos T24 (all Technical and business skills), Flex cube.
  • Java Developers
  • Dotnet Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Open source Developers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • IT Architects
  • SharePoint Consultants
  • Database Experts (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL developers & DBA’s)
  • ERP Consultants (SAP, Oracle E-Business, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics/ AX)
  • CRM Consultants (Salesforce, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, Microsoft CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Oracle BI, Microsoft BI, Qlik)
  • ETL Consultants (Pentaho, Informatica, Talend)
  • Business Analytics (Advanced Excel, Python, R, SAS)
  • Big Data (Hadoop -Hive, Pig, HBase etc.,, Apache Spark,MongoDB, NoSQL, Linux)