With the increased penetration of internet and social media, the business world has converged into a single platform, where competitiveness is the key to survive. Businesses demand more and more sophisticated products from software vendors. The increasing usage of Social media has enhanced people’s expectations about such products and they expect even an ERP, CRM or an Accounting software to have features that are simple, user friendly and proactive just like a social media platform.
At NSS-ITC, we see eye to eye with the customers and their expectations, evolve a right product strategy and successfully execute the Product development. We make sure that everyone involved in product engineering function meets high quality standards to produce a scalable and robust product.
Our experienced consultants attach due importance to a robust architecture, system requirement study and choosing the appropriate technology. In addition, we thoroughly focus on cost optimization to deliver the best value for money.

Our Product Lifecycle Services

We follow unique methodologies to reduce the time to market, fostering innovation, following the proven Product lifecycle processes and Project management steps.
We offer full-scale product engineering services that spans across consulting, application development, technology re-engineering and product support, enabling companies to be competitive in the market.

Our full range of Software Product Development Service includes

  • New Product Development
  • Prototyping
  • Product Reengineering, Modernization and Migration
  • Release Management
  • SaaS, Mobile, and Analytics Enablement
  • QA and Testing
  • Agile, Modified Waterfall, Scrum Capabilities


We can help deliver, complete specification lists keeping in mind the future scalability needs

Product Development

We can help companies create software products that add value to their own processes or to the end customers by following the best of the breed technologies and methods.

Product Testing

Our Quality Assurance team ensures that the product hits the market with full functionalities and performance. We thoroughly test and ensure the scalability, reliability and security of the products ready to launch. Our testing spans across approaches such as Validation Testing, Load Testing, System Testing, Functionality and Crash Testing.

Product Maintenance

The support team is empowered with the latest industry trends and technology tools to offer continuous maintenance and support to ensure that the product is contemporary.